Survive: Snow Country (English Edition) por Jeff Henry

Survive: Snow Country (English Edition) por Jeff Henry

Titulo del libro : Survive: Snow Country (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : December 30, 2016
Autor : Jeff Henry
Número de páginas : 144
Editor : Falcon Guides

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Jeff Henry con Survive: Snow Country (English Edition)

Lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket or tucked into your backpack, Survive Snow Country is the must-have item to keep with you in case you find yourself in a snowy survival situation. Including topics on administering basic first-aid, finding food and water, building shelter, and mental preparation, Survive Snow Country also has full-color images throughout. Expert outdoor enthusiast Jeff Henry gives you the absolute essential information needed to get you home safely.

Inside you’ll find:

  • How to build fire, construct shelter, find water, and get food
  • Navigation, orienteering, and signaling
  • Worst-case-scenario advice for precarious situations
  • Tips for common trail concerns, from snow storms to blisters